Thursday, November 15, 2007


I Haven't Posted In A While....................

though its not because I had a lack of cigarettes - quite the opposite - I had an abundance of cigarettes!

Right now I'm down to my last pack and have to venture outside in the cold tommorrow to buy some more. Poor, poor me - LOL! At least I am grateful that I have enough money to buy cigarettes let alone be cheerful about it.

I have been contently smoking away for the past few weeks and I have been lucky enough to not have been without cigarettes for the past month! How grateful I am for that!

I can be quite a not-nice person when I am out of cigarettes!

But I'm very, very grateful!

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Hi, My name is Anna and I am doing a report on smokers for my college English class. I see that you are a proud smoker, and theres nothing wrong with that. I am not trying to push your buttons or anything, I just need some answers for my report. If you wouldn't mind answering a few questions I'd appreciate it.

First question: How long have you been smoking?
Second question: How do you dispose of you cigarette butts? Do you toss them onto the ground?
Third question: if you are guilty of throwing your butts on the ground, why do you do it? Too lazy to find a trash can? Don't care that you are littering? Convenience?

Again, if you answer these questions, I will be thrilled! I am not being rude or insulting, just want some facts.

I noticed I will have to post "ANONYMOUS", but I stated my name above. Thank you for your time.

Take care!

Actually your questions seem kind of rude! It's almost like you just want to "rag" on us that smoke. So I don't choose to answer your questions but I did let your comment stay in case someone else wanted to answer them.

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